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 - Access to your own personal training app

- Personalised workout plans with videos

- Personalised nutrition guidance

- Monthly Zoom call with me (new clients get 2 calls in their first month)

- Access to the members area with videos, guides, worksheets & support

- My direct mobile so that you can contact me whenever you need support or have questions


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Finally deciding to make that change; to get fit, healthy, strong - can be scary!! So many different workouts and diet plans it can be hard to know where to start & if what you are doing is even working!

My aim is to take the worry away by planning everything out for you & to help educate you along the way. I want you to be able to understand what is going on in your body & how to make the best choices for you and your lifestyle. So that once you stop online coaching you can carry on on your own!

When you start online with me you will first have a consultation call to discuss everything about you & your goals, so that I truly understand you & your goals.  As you continue online coaching I also offer you the option of a free monthly call with me - this is your chance to ask further questions, get some support, set new goals...its your time to do with as you choose! New clients also get an additional extra call in their first month just to enable them to check in sooner and get much needed support to ensure you get off to a strong start.

Don't worry if you are completely new to this or have tried and failed before. Often you just weren't given the support, clarity & direction you needed. Let's make this journey fun, successful & educational together. Let me help save you from all the wasted time & mistakes I made as a beginner.


Whether you're new to training or already have experience, training during pregnancy can feel scary. Your body is changing & it's important to have someone who understands and can support you. I trained throughout my pregnancy so am ready to support you during this exciting time!

Did you also know that studies have shown that increased physical fitness reduces labour times? Not to mention getting your health in a great place can only mean good things for you and your growing baby.

Although the approach may be different during pregnancy there is no reason why you can't also look and feel your best and be at your best health!

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Whether you have recently given birth or whether it was a few months or even years ago, taking time for yourself and focusing on your own health & fitness is so important. As women we often put ourselves and our needs last.

The important thing post-partum is to ensure nutrition is optimal (did you know grown a baby can deplete you for up to 10 years?!) and to also build strong fitness foundations. This is why a unique approach is so important as every woman's pregnancy, birth and recovery is different. There is no one size fits all approach here!

Depending on your goals we can focus on just training, or nutrition or we can work on both! We can also work on flexible training schedules, even home workouts if that's what works best with the kids. The key is that whatever we decide it gets results but is also works within your lifestyle. Sometimes your free time is short so let's find a way to make things work for you!

As usual I'll be on hand to offer support whenever you need. Whether you need advice, need to vent or just need someone who's got your back, I am here for you!


I have created a list of services available to book for both clients (at a discounted members rate) & for non-clients. If you would like more information on any of these services please feel free to get in contact!

HYPNOTHERAPY - change bad habits, stop smoking, improve positivity & focus, rid yourself of fears, phobias or negative thought patterns. Help you to become the best you. Generally you should see a difference with 1 session but some clients with more to work on may need around 6.

£95/session - £85/session for clients

LIFE COACHING - Feeling stuck? Need help overcoming obstacles or help finding a path forward. Together we will work to find out what it is you truly want and what is holding you back. You may be given exercises to work on outside the session to help your progress.

£65/session - £55/session for clients

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