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Aka HardCore Anna. When first face with a 30kg deadlift bar this lady FREAKED OUT! She didn't think she was capable of much...not knowing her way round a gym. Fast forward she's known as hardcore to the group for her fearless attitude & drive to get results!
When Donna joined had already gone a massive transformation, having lost ?? stone. However, progress was slowing down so she wanted to take things to the next level as well as becoming a super strong mum! Donna trained once a week with Bee and consistently followed her plans - getting strong enough to take off her knee brace! Donna's goal was to get a 100kg deadlift. Not only did she manage 1 - she managed TWELVE! One of our strongest lifters!
Helen was a newbie to the gym - wanting to improve her health and body! From the start she trained consistently with full effort, trusting the process & her confidence grew. I was honoured to see her shine at her wedding & she is our FIRST lady to do 100kg deadlift AND 100kg squat! BOOM
This lady has been a powerhouse & competitive from the start. She has worked hard to improve her weight training skills and consistently puts out some of our top kg numbers!
Lauren has become famous in our group as the hardcore TOPPENATOR! She came to us with a basic understanding of lifting but progressed hugely. She was the first lady to do a strict wide grip pull up, has smashed 100kg deadlift and leads the ladies in group training by always striving for heavier weights. She works harder then most at the gym and it shows - she looks incredible!!
Sabi is a mother of two and one of the jokers of the group! She has taken to group pt with full effort joining in when she can around her busy schedule. She didn't think she was capable of lifting 100kg but sure enough she pulled it out the bag and always works hard! Another beautiful bride who I was honoured to work with and be a part of her wedding!
I first met this amazing lady who had little to non weight experience on the run up to her wedding. She rightly wanted to look fabulous on her big day and we definitely achieved that! She now has a tiny 25inch waist - getting smaller by the week!! Along with her fat loss her strength has improved and she smashed out 100kg in the sumo deadlift! So proud!
Ingrid was completely green to the gym and needed some help. Little did we know that this was the beginning of a new passion & an incredible transformation.
Ingrid struggled with her knees, barely able to walk up the stairs & felt like she was unable to play with her daughter due to her body's limitations. However, Ingrid pushed on taking every challenge in her stride. From struggling to do a body weight squat she smashed 100kg deadlift! And is a brand new woman with incredible weight loss!
Kathryn is one of our lighter clients but she would NOT let the big lift defeat her. She set her goal and worked consistently for months to pull this lift out the bag. This lady has been a joy to train and has improved massively!
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