Personal Training Services
Body By Bee is a ladies only personal training service delivering 1-2-1 & personal training sessions for pairs & groups.
We focus on using weight training in order to get MAXIMUM results as quickly as possible. The aim is to not to help you achieve your goal but get you feeling strong, healthy & confident in any gym at any time!!
The majority of clients come as complete beginners, who have never lifted a weight in their life - some have never been to a gym! But through consistency all of our woman can now confidently use the gym; from doing press ups on their feet to doing pull ups or deadlifting/squatting 100kg!
The most common reasons women approach Body By Bee for personal training are:
  • Fat loss & toning
  • Getting ready for a wedding or a holiday
  • Gaining confidence in the gym
  • To get strong - either to compete in a race or general strength
  • General health & well-being


    Personal Training
Work 1-2-1 with your chosen trainer on a programme created specifically for you. Your trainer will support you throughout the whole process and guide you to your new confident self. Your diet & training plan will be created for you and changes made whenever needed to ensure your results keep coming. Now is the time to stop worrying about the whys & hows, to stop feeling frustrated about trying and failing and let us take the burden from you - just follow our advice and let us get you the body you've always dreamed of!
    Group Personal Training
Group personal training could be for you if you want a more affordable and social way of training. Groups are kept to around 6 people to ensure maximum support during the sessions. It's a great chance to train with other like-minded women and challenge yourself in a fun environment. We run multiple sessions a week & you can choose which ones (providing there is space to attend.)
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Tel : 07492 753 777

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire