Personal Training

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Body By Bee is a personal training service designed specifically for women to achieve their goals

We trains a range of women; from those looking for fat loss, to those seeking to increase their strength, get fit or those wanting to get healthy & finally feel confident.

The secret to our training and success is the methods we use and the systems we have in place to ensure our clients stay accountable throughout the whole process. These have been honed over years of training hundreds of women.

We place a big focus on free weight training, believing this to be the quickest way to any of our clients goals. Through expert coaching and a focus on correct technique we teach our women the skills of training that they can take with them anywhere anytime, long after their Body By Bee journey has come to an end.

Training can take place 1 to 1, or in pairs - just split the session cost between the two of you. 


If you are interested in training with Body By Bee please contact us on: or 077111 47300
You will be asked to fill out an in-depth questionnaire to allow us to ascertain your current health status and goals, and return this to us at least 24 hours before your consultation. (If you don't wish to have a consultation once you've return the form you can get booked in to start!)

At your consultation your questionnaire results will be explained to you and the best path to achieving your goals mapped our before you, so you have an idea of how your journey with Body By Bee will be.

Bianca: £45 a session

Session prices include:

Use of your own Body By Bee app (where your diet plans & training plans are uploaded, workout videos are kept, progress is logged - complete with progress graphs - and where you can update your calendar & sync it with devices such as your FitBit)

Personalised training plans, written based on your goals and progress. Usually changing every 4 weeks depending on the past month of training

Personalised diet plans, changed when needed to ensure continuous progress

24/7 support from your trainer via phone or email

Access to our members only resources website as well as our private Facebook group

Invites to our Body By Bee socials

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