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Personal training is offered here in Cambridge with Body by Bee







Discuss with us your goals, whether you want to work out at home or at the gym, how much time you can find to train (tip: 3 x week is more than enough usuall).

We will then put plans together based on your preferences, current abilites & access to any kit/equipment all with your goals in mind.

You will be given access to your own Body By Bee app where you can access your uploaded workouts, watch exercise videos & log everything so that you & your trainer can keep track of your progress.

Plans are updated and changed regularly to ensure progression.

If you would like a bit more accountability you can choose to have a weekly or fortnightly check in with your trainer, on a day of your choosing - we are here to work around you!

We ask that you fill out an online check in form (takes less than 5 minutes!) & your trainer will reply within 24 hours with help, suggestions, changes to your plans.

If you choose to we can also follow up the form with a online video chat with your trainer if you want to discuss any elements of your training, nurition or progress.

We offer weekly live classes covering different themes:


Upper Body



Cardio Blast


These classes are 30 minutes long and designed to fit around your busy schedule.

Drop in when you like (just book online via our website first so we know to wait for you) & follow our PT's fun and challenging (suitable for ALL levels) sessions.







From your consultation form we will have a good idea of your current eating habits & preferences and we will work with you to make small steps to ensure that the changes we make are not only easy to follow but more importantly sustainable - finding a healthy lifestyle that is easy to maintain is key!

We will find ways of making changes without making it unrealistic BUT still in like with reaching your goals.

The key is we find what works for you!

Plans are updated based on your progress and goals.

We have a private Facebook group for all our Body By Bee members.

We have a fantastic community online where our clients can come together and ask questions, share updates, celebrate progress & a great meme or joke for good measure.

We also like to keep our clients updated so will often share great reads, podcasts, new tasty food discoveries or anything else we think you might like or that might make your journey easier.

You are welcome to get involved as much or as little as you like!

We also have a private section of our website only accessible to our clients.

Here we post anything useful so that you have access to all the information you need whilst you train with us.

This includes cheat sheets on books we recommend (save you reading the whole thing), our extensive Welcome Pack for all new clients, useful websites, recordings of our online classes & much more!

If there is anything we are missing, just let us know & we will do our best to include it!



Once we receive payment we will email you over our in-depth consultation form for you to fill in & then will discuss with you your goals, preferences and current lifestyle. You will also receive our fantastic Welcome Pack for new clients.

Plans will then be uploaded to the app and we will also set you up within our booking system so that you can book into any online classes you may wish to. We will also arrange check ins with you, should you want them.

All online training is down with Bee, the founder of Body By Bee and she will contact you directly to help get you started.


Payment is taken monthly via direct debit at £50 a month.