About Body By Bee

Body By Bee is more than just personal training. It is a tried and tested system designed specifically for women to get them looking & feeling their best.


Our system revolves around the 3 C's:





Our first goal is to provide expert coaching to our clients. We are all about training efficiently and teaching our clients the tools to get real results, without training taking over their lives. The key is small systematic changes that result in a big lifestyle change - without our clients feeling overwhelmed and feeling like they can't maintain it.

We also work on improving the self confidence on all our women. This is done through technique coaching, encouragement and positive focus work with out clients - helping them to turn an often negative self image around & to be able to learn to appreciate themselves and their accomplishments. We want you to feel confident inside and outside the gym!

Lastly we love to get everyone involved in our community of women. Clients can join in as much or as little as they want, but with a private Facebook group, members only website area, monthly socials and the genuine warmth and encouragement of all our clients to each other, there is no need for any of our women to feel alone at any point of their journey with Body By Bee. 

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"My goal with Body By Bee was to help save other women the time and energy that I wasted on the many years it took me to find the right method for success. A system where by results were achievable and most importantly lasting.

It has taken me 15 years to finally feel confident and happy in my own skin - so if I can get any of my clients feeling the same in a fraction of the time that makes my job worthwhile!"

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Bee Carew - founder of Body By Bee