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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Bianca is a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists & uses her background and passion in fitness (& nutrition) to offer clients hypnotherapy sessions focusing on weight loss.

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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Sessions

You do not need to be a client of Body By Bee to book in for hynotherapy sessions, however some clients find that personal training alongside hypnotherapy helps improve their progress rate.

During the hypnotherapy sessions Bianca will work with you to discover what issues may be holding you back on your weight loss journey and what you would like to improve on to help you achieve your goals.

Throughout the hypnotherapy sessions you will always be in complete control. Hypnotherapy, works as if you are driving the car and Bianca, as the hypnotherapist, will be your guide, reading the map to guide you on your journey, through the hypnotherapy process.

Often, where appropriate tasks may be set outside of sessions, agreed upon with you to help hold you accountable and focused on the weight loss process. This is also the reason we advise a minimum of 3 sessions for weight loss hypnotherapy.

Hyptherapy can an incredibly powerful tool for change and allowing clients to move past blocks they have which may be holding themselves back from reaching their goals and the amazing feelings and improvement in energy and health that comes with acheiving weight loss.

All hypnotherapy sessions are 55 minutes long and a weight loss package of 3 sessions is £160. Guidence on food and exercise can be given to support you on your journey.

To book your session in or to find out more, please contact Bianca directly at or 07711147300