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What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a great tool to be able to work with our inner self, our subconscious, which can often be the source of many of our limiting beliefs and problems we may face. During a hypnotherapy session you will be guided and encouraged to relax to that we may more effectively work with your subconscious, in order to change your limiting beliefs and behaviors. We can also, where appropriate, aim to get more insight to anything holding you back and get better understanding of these beliefs in order to help you guide yourself better in the future. By changing your these deep rooted beliefs you are able to change your life.


How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy works by helping us to amend and improve upon our personal behaviors, beliefs and self-image which are located in our subconscious mind. During hypnotherapy we can access your subconscious mind far quicker and easier, due to you being relaxed and therefore changes can occur at a far deeper level than when you are in a normal alert state.


What can hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a variety of conditions, problems, experiences, anxieties and habits. These may include:

- phobias

- pain

- anxiety

- stress

- tension headaches

- weight control

- food cravings

- increasing motivation

- stop smoking

- sports performance

- creativity

- build confidence

- kick-start a new regime.


When is hypnotherapy not appropriate?

It is advisable to avoid hypnotherapy if you have severe depression, psychosis, or unstable epilepsy.


How many sessions will I need?

This really depends on what you want to achieve from hypnotherapy. Many clients reach their goals from a single session and some need more. After the first session an estimate of sessions required


How long do the effects last?

The effects can be long-lasting or permanent as suggestions are made directly to and with the co-operation of the subconscious mind. However, your actions highly contribute to your ability to make changes. By putting into practice, the new ways of thinking and doing, you will be able to leave old habits, behaviors and thoughts in the past and move forward.


What is the first session like?

Your first session will start with a detailed discussion of pertinent details relating to you, including your lifestyle and the condition, issue, habit or desired outcomes you wish to work on. We will then consider goals for therapy and how hypnotherapy approaches may help. Throughout the session, any questions you may have, including those relating to hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be answered. The session will then proceed with some hypnotherapy work and finally, any tasks and activities (homework) are then discussed and agreed.


Why do you suggest homework?

The work we achieve during the session can be enhanced, reinforced and developed by tasks and activities that you can do between hypnotherapy sessions (and will often reduce the number of sessions you need!). This may be a combination of self-hypnosis, breathing exercises, and alert tasks and activities.

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